Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Increase Your Chances Your Marketing Video Will Go Viral

YouTube is a great avenue to market your business through video and can be used with great with success. One reason for that is videos posted on YouTube also come up on organic searches right at the top on Google. Also YouTube has become one of the top search engines itself making it a key tool in your viral marketing campaign.
However, just putting your web video on there is no guarantee it will go viral! Of course, it would be wonderful to think, stealing a quote from the movie Field of Dreams, "if you build it, they will come" but that just isn't so these days.
YouTube has become so big, billions of videos are uploaded in one year from YouTube alone, that just putting up a channel and uploading your video, adding a few tags here and there, just isn't enough. So you have to put your marketing hat on and think of what your target audience is looking for - then you need to grab their attention!
As you plan your video and before you post it you need to make sure that your number one goal is to make your video very interesting AND short. Under 3 minutes is best. Although a majority of people will click off within the first 30 seconds, in the recent YouTube Report 2009 put out by Entertainment Media Research, 36% of people will watch a 3-minute video to its end IF they find it of value to them.
The good news is this doesn't mean you have to pull out of the stops and make it splashy, fancy or spend a lot of money. You can look at yourself and your own viewing habits for inspiration.
Think of what you like to watch. Videos that go viral are usually humorous, awe-inspiring, educational, entertaining, unique, evocative and yes, controversial. Incorporating one or more of these elements in your video will increase your chances of someone enjoying it, connecting with it and embedding it on their website or passing it on to share with others. Simply put, you have to make it interesting and engaging. If you are creating it for a specific target group, create it with their interests in mind.
There are no guarantees your video will go viral, but if you post a great video, you will maximize the chance that it will be widely seen and shared.

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