Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Getting Pregnant Fast Myths and Falsehoods

Do you remember your high school sex education class? Do you remember how they kept pounding in the fact that you could get pregnant the very first time you had sex? Do you remember how they kept telling you that if you did not use birth control you would get pregnant? And we believed these getting pregnant fast myths and falsehoods.
In our younger years we are conditioned to believe it was easy to get pregnant if we were not careful. We managed to escape our younger years without getting pregnant, we finish our collage education, we started a career, and now at the age of about twenty-eight or so, we are married and trying to start a family.
Does this sound familiar so far? OK so now you have been trying to get pregnant for the past five or six months to no avail. Up until now you probably did not give much thought to getting pregnant since it was constantly drilled into your head in high school, it would happen, every time you had unprotected sex.
Now in the later years you discover it is not as easy as they made it out to be back in high school, and are wondering if there is something wrong with you or your spouse. Chances are there is nothing wrong with either one of you, it just is not as easy as we were made to believe it is. Let us take a look at a few of these myths and falsehoods that we were led to believe.
  1. You will conceive as soon as you stop using hormonal birth control methods. This is not true it can take a month or more before they are completely out of your system, and even after that a healthy couple only has a one in four, chance of conceiving per cycle.
  2. Those that do not use hormonal birth control methods can conceive as soon as they start trying. Your body may better regulate itself because of not being influence by hormonal contraceptives however that alone does not mean you can conceive any easier. There are other factors that contribute to conception.
  3. If I do not conceive fast, I must have infertility problems because they told us in high school we could get pregnant every time we had unprotected sex. Yes it can be, infertility problems however, chances are if it is infertility, it has more to do with your lifestyles and dietary habits. Those two alone, can play a large role in infertility.
  4. If you have sex on the fourteenth day after your period, you will conceive! This would be true if we lived in a perfect world and you had a perfect cycle of twenty-eight day and a perfect body. That is a very old method that was based on a false assumption, newer methods use things such as body temperature to determine when you are ovulating.
We are brain washed at a young age to believe getting pregnant is fast and easy only to end up in our later years, after schooling and establishing a career, finding out that it really is not as easy as they led us to believe it was. Now, after months of trying we begin to think it is an infertility problem, again because how easy it was suppose to be, that is keeping us from conceiving, when in reality it may be as simple as changing our lifestyles and diet.

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