Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Create an Individual Development Plan

One of the most important documents that you will ever fill out and sign is your Individual Development Plan. However, I know most of you will NEVER fill this out. You will never decide to plan your success.
I am always amazed at the lack of planning that people do for their personal lives. They will sit for hours and plan somebody else's success or some other business' success, but they won't spend an hour on their own Individual Development Plan.
It is a secret that most of the masters keep to themselves and never share. However, I am committed to ensuring that you have a template for your own success.
Jobs or businesses are not usually created for what we love, but what we need to provide for our family while we create what we love long term. Some create a business from what they love and they excel in that scenario and become successful. But most need a career or business path to create wealth that they can use to build their "real" dreams.
Here are the key parts of an Individual Development Plan:
  1. Career Plan
  2. Values
  3. Goals
  4. Activity Plan
  5. Talents
  6. Market Place Perception
Your activity plan should include:
  1. Education
  2. Books
  3. Activities
  4. Webinars
  5. Seminars
Take the time to think about what areas of education or experience that you lack. This will enable you to focus on the areas you need to fill in to become whom you wish to be.
There are different templates that go over an Individual Development Plan. Work to find one that fits at least these minimum requirements. There is one on the blog "Young Millionaire Group" on the goals page.
Be sure to Google Individual Development Plan to also get more resources

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Solutions For Your Home Viewings and Business

With the many options available for television viewing, people are turning to satellite TV to provide entertainment in their home. There are so many benefits you can get out of this service. The most important advantages are the wide range of channels, lower price and the quality of the signal as well as the equipment provided.
If you own or operating a business in which entertaining your customers and clients plays a huge role like for instance (restaurant, fitness center, sports bar, hotel) you might want to consider getting satellite connection. With the benefits it gives, satellite will help you seize your business to the higher level and keep customers coming back for more and profits curving in.
Here are some of the reasons to choose satellite TV to meet your customers and family entertainment needs:
The picture quality- Satellite services offer more in the way of HD programming, with 150+ stations than cable. All satellites channels are in digital format which deliver much better picture quality than what you get with analog format. You and your family as well as your clients and costumers will be more pleased with the clear pictures and quality of the sound.
Many more viewing options- Special packages like sports- Nobody can watch the amount of sports coverage available on satellite television. Almost every game of every sport can be seen. If your customers are diehard fan soccer fan they will not come back into your bar (bar business) just for the beer but to see their favorite team on your TV screen. Not only that, everything from college sports to professional sports is accessible (advantage for students and professionals) and these are free of costs.
Education- Premium courses as well as college lectures can be seen here. Courses are also available, and watching these help to improve your education. Business programs- many conferences, conventions, meetings and other talks when it regards to your business can be viewed through satellite systems. News- Live broadcast can be viewed too. Catch the action as it happens, something that you can never see on cable.
Programming variety- With hundreds of channels, Satellite TV offers the most programming choices in every category. Whatever special interest your business may cater to, it has the channel and programming for you and your family.
Saves Money- By using this satellite TV it only not grants business owners the opportunity to increase your profits by keeping costumers satisfied but it also save your business money. It ends up being less expensive than cable. Satellite providers will supply you with all the necessary equipment and have it installed for you and it is free of charge. No question when it comes to customer service.
The best way to find the right package for your business and your home is to start by comparing satellite providers through online. You will find all necessary information there. You have to keep in mind any specific needs you might have regarding what will appeal most to your clients and customers as well as to your family.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Harsh Impacts of DUI in Wyoming

The laws against driving under the influence (DUI) in Wyoming have always been tough. For example, Wyoming has anti-plea bargaining laws. This means that prosecutors cannot reduce or dismiss DUI charges without filing a motion in court. And in 2009, Wyoming legislated tougher DUI penalties with Senate Bill 88. Among other things, the Bill imposed penalties on people who aid drivers in disabling or defeating an ignition interlock device (IID), as well as providing that anyone convicted of aggravated homicide while operating or driving a vehicle will not be granted an IID-restricted license. Additionally, beginning July 1, 2010, Senate File 19 increases Wyoming's "look-back" period from five to 10 years. This means that if you receive a second DUI conviction within 10 years of the first conviction, you will face harsher penalties. Conversely, if your second conviction is more than 10 years after your first, the second conviction will be treated as if it were your first.
Drunk driving in Wyoming will trigger a criminal case in the courts and an administrative case with the Wyoming Department of Transportation. The criminal case determines the jail time, fines and other DUI punishments you will face, whereas the administrative case determines the impact to your driver's license. The administrative case precedes the criminal case, and your driving privileges may be suspended for as little as 90 days, or revoked for as long as three years, depending on the offense. When faced with the potential of losing such a freedom, and all the ramifications that go with it, you might want to find the best drunk driving attorneys available.
If you are convicted of your first DUI in Wyoming in criminal court, you can be sent to jail for up to six months, or fined up to $750, or both, and you will be required to undergo substance abuse assessment at your own expense. If your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .15 or above (a BAC of .08 is the legal limit), you will be required to install an IID in your vehicle, again at your own expense. Finally, your license will be suspended for 90 days.
A second DUI offense brings a jail sentence from seven days to six months, fines from $250 to $750, the installation of an IID for one year, substance abuse assessment, and a license suspension for one year.
Your third Wyoming DUI carries a jail term from 30 days to six months, fines from $750 to $3,000, two years with an IID, substance abuse assessment, and a license suspension of three years. Other possibilities include probation, an in-patient treatment program, and/or an alcohol education program.
When is a DUI a felony in Wyoming? The fourth DUI conviction. Convicted felons lose their right to vote and to bear arms; they also are barred from holding certain jobs, and have a harder time obtaining loans. The jail time for a fourth offense is up to two years, and you can be fined up to $10,000. You will also be required to have an IID installed in your vehicle for life, but you may apply to have it removed after five years. And who knows how long your license will be suspended. It is also possible that you will be sentenced to probation, an in-patient treatment program, a substance abuse assessment, and/or an alcohol education program. Isn't it time you found a DUI defense attorney?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Promote Optimum Health, Wealth and Happiness - Living an Abundant Life

Abundant life, we are all striving for the life that we believe we deserve. Get a clue there is no magic bus! If you want to live with the world at your feet start with earning the right to have what you desire.
Get spiritually grounded. As humans we have the power of choice. When you are grounded the choices you make are powered by your beliefs. Mine are GOD and I know that he walks along with me and I know I can do all things with GOD by my side.
Knowledge is power. Start learning everything you can about the goals you set for yourself. Start with one piece of training and master it before you move on to the next step in your education. Once you have mastered your training you must apply it and live it to succeed. This is just one of the choices that we make on our journey to living the abundant life that God has in store for us.
A gift of your time, your knowledge or your resources is one way you open yourself to receive. GOD will lead you through your decisions and bring blessing and opportunity your way. Open your heart to others and start receiving some of the gifts in store for you.
As we go through the process of developing the knowledge and skills we need to receive our blessings. We also have to get our bodies ready, we do that by optimizing all the resources that we have used before. Most of us know what to do and how to do it and have even tried proven systems that have worked for others and for one reason or another they did not work for us. Remember knowledge is power that GOD has put in our path to achieve the abundant life he has in store for us all.
Now we have to be ready to make these changes in our lives and we do that by acting on what we know and putting it into our daily routine. Practice good eating habits, take a walk, go to the gym. Whatever works for you. When these steps are in place then you will be ready for the next step.
Remember today is the day to go forward to a life full of blessings. If you thought about how long it will take you, must remember that it is in your power to achieve your goals and no one else can do this for you. The magic you are looking for is you.
Author Debra DeHoff
My blog is where I show how far I have come and share my training and knowledge. I will be doing marketing and product promoting on my site. Educating on pain management and alternative medicines and treatments. Commenting on what is new in the physical fitness world and how it fits in our lives. recruiting like minded individuals to join my team of marketing and networking.